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Watching the Third Rerun

November 30, 2017

Perhaps it is becoming mundane, but I must start out with a shout out.  Sulaiman Hafeez stopped by The Twisted Life and liked what he saw.  Naturally I visited his blog, Sulaimaniac96.  The little guy is quite the wordsmith.  His images aren’t bad either.  It is definitely worth a visit.  Do it here.

After a short, extremely short, return to Fakebook, I deactivated the account again.  It was the same old song and dance.  There were the same old memes, shared by the same old mindless dolts that can not seem to conjure up an original thought.  There were the same old haters from both sides, spewing the same old party line rhetoric, because they, too, do not seem capable of original thought.  But the most disturbing, and the hardest one to keep my nose out of, was the budding romance between a serial hostage taker and his current unsuspecting victim.

I’m sure you all know the kind.  They are the guys that love to isolate the objects of their desire.  They start new Fakebook accounts, befriend all of their new paramour’s girlfriends, and show themselves in such a manner as to get a lot of “he’s a keeper” accolades from the onlookers.  The object of his desire feels loved with a love that she thought was only available in fairytales and dreams.  She tells her friends, and her friends swoon.  Little do they know that they are aiding and abetting the perpetrator of a fraud.

Once he captures his prey, the lothario will isolate her from the self same friends who helped to cement his relationship to her.  He will banish her children from a former life, to the island of broken toys.  He will move her from her family and friends, and he will only allow her to befriend those that he chooses in her new surroundings.

People like this exist, and I can not stand to watch it unfold yet again, for the third time.

It’s a twisted life……….


I Found The Friendly Folks Are Not So Friendly

November 23, 2017

As always, we start out with the shout-outs.  The artist Impreint, who is the blogger behind IMPREINT journal, stopped by my blog, and gave it a like.  Since I like checking out bloggers who check me out, I dropped in on them and found some very interesting photographic art, and a link to their Facebook page with even more.  Check them out right here if you enjoy interesting visuals.

There is a Facebook page called The Villages Friendly Folks.  Like most social media groups I have stumbled across here in “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown“, it is populated by people who are obviously living vicariously through the Internet because they have no real life to speak of.

As with The Pine Hills Social Club, The Villages Friendly Folks is a place where some people go to brag about what they have got, some go to foist made-up lives upon people who have no idea what a pitiful existence they led wherever it was they originally came from, and some just show up asking questions that they can easily find the REAL answers to easier, elsewhere.

I got myself banned from The Villages Friendly Folks Facebook page for pointing out the fact that there is a better way to find real answers to community standard questions than to throw the questions out on social media, where a few dozen people will give you a few dozen different opinions, as opposed to real answers.  That might not be the best way to avoid running afoul of The Community Standards Department.

For crying out loud, these people obviously have an Internet connection if they are on Facebook.  What in the world is preventing them from going to the authoritative Community Development District’s Community Standards page where the REAL answer lies?

My guess is a combination of things:  boredom, loneliness, and some of the other things that come with moving away from family, friends, coworkers, and the neighbors they once knew.  Not everyone is mentally equipped for retirement, I suppose.

It’s a twisted life……….



October 8, 2017

Before we get to the meat of today’s discourse, let us give a shout out to the young lady at Millennial Debt Success who took the time to read, and like, one of my postings.  If you are a Millennial, and you are trying to get the hang of handling your money, then this blog may be one you will benefit from.  Personally, I am an old geezer who uses credit to keep his FICO score high, and Millennials do not usually like hanging with me.

I had never heard of the card game Samba until moving to The Villages, but it sure seems to be pretty popular here.  In fact, there are at least sixteen games going on in the various recreation centers on a weekly basis.  These are actual games that are being played, at scheduled times, in scheduled venues, throughout The Villages.

I am not personally interested in the game of Samba.  I have a few card games that I know and enjoy, and I am not really interested in learning any new ones.  The ones I already know have given me hour upon hour of enjoyable fun and competition.  As a rule, I have always enjoyed the company of my fellow players.  But I doubt if I would reap any benefit from a neighborhood game of Samba.  Let me tell you why.

I find it rather funny that in the last three months there have been fifty-five comments on The Pine Hills Social Club community discussion board regarding trying to get a Samba game going, and yet not a single hand has been dealt.  The game is popular, the game is being played somewhere in The Villages on a daily basis, and anyone who lives in The Villages is entitled to partake in any activity in any of the recreation centers throughout The Villages.  I get the distinct feeling that if a “neighborhood” game ever did get going, these wheel-spinners would have to keep reminding each other when it is their turn to play their hand.

It is a twisted life, indeed……….

Talking Into The Void

October 2, 2017

I plod ahead like the voice crying out in the wilderness.  Hello?  Is there anybody listening?  Probably not yet.

So why would you want to waste your time like that, asks no one.  Well, jeepers mercy me, I don’t know.  I guess I have a lot to say, and I am only concerned with reaching those that may be interested.  I have also had it up to my ears with social media as in Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc.

It has all gotten pretty ridiculous.  Sure, I know, you can fix your settings so that only you yourself can see what you post.  You can make it so that only friends, or only family, or only friends of friends and friends of the family and the family of friends of the family can see what you post.

The problem is, you can see what other people post.  I know that you can fix that in your settings, too.  Friend this guy, but don’t follow him.  Only relevant posts will show up in your news feed.  Of course you don’t actually get to decide what relevant means.  It is a lot of work for a minuscule return.

While I relish the opportunity to be a judgmental old curmudgeon, I hate to find that people I once held in high regard have no clue when it comes to syntax, grammar, and spelling.  I really do not appreciate unsolicited points of view being shoved at me on a daily basis.  You can also bet the farm that I am not really interested what happened to your third cousin, twice removed, via my force fed news feed.

Therefore, I will use this platform to exercise my right to free speech.  If, in fact, there are any interested parties, they will be welcome to join the fray.  You do not have to friend me, you do not have to follow me, and you do not even have to know me.  Many of my “friends” on social media did not, nor I them, for that matter.

Good God Almighty, It’s Him Again

October 1, 2017

What the hell, times change, circumstances change, people change, and the way I approach this old blog has just changed, too.  I have wiped it clean, and I am about to run it head long into a new direction.

I am no longer content to be a passive observer.  I have just got to talk about it.  I have to get it off my chest.  I have to shout it out.  I have to go tell it on the mountain.  I have to quote the ridiculous, the sublime, the wise man, and the fool.  I am even going to have to whack an occasional idiot right between the eyes with the two-by-four of truth.

Each and every day I witness life in a myriad of different ways.  Sometimes it is what I see and hear as I cavort to and fro around the spaces I find myself in.  Sometimes it is what I read.  Other times it is simply the voices in my head.  Rest assured there is always something to write about because there is always enough twisted life fodder crossing my path on a daily basis.


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