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Watching the Third Rerun

November 30, 2017

Perhaps it is becoming mundane, but I must start out with a shout out.  Sulaiman Hafeez stopped by The Twisted Life and liked what he saw.  Naturally I visited his blog, Sulaimaniac96.  The little guy is quite the wordsmith.  His images aren’t bad either.  It is definitely worth a visit.  Do it here.

After a short, extremely short, return to Fakebook, I deactivated the account again.  It was the same old song and dance.  There were the same old memes, shared by the same old mindless dolts that can not seem to conjure up an original thought.  There were the same old haters from both sides, spewing the same old party line rhetoric, because they, too, do not seem capable of original thought.  But the most disturbing, and the hardest one to keep my nose out of, was the budding romance between a serial hostage taker and his current unsuspecting victim.

I’m sure you all know the kind.  They are the guys that love to isolate the objects of their desire.  They start new Fakebook accounts, befriend all of their new paramour’s girlfriends, and show themselves in such a manner as to get a lot of “he’s a keeper” accolades from the onlookers.  The object of his desire feels loved with a love that she thought was only available in fairytales and dreams.  She tells her friends, and her friends swoon.  Little do they know that they are aiding and abetting the perpetrator of a fraud.

Once he captures his prey, the lothario will isolate her from the self same friends who helped to cement his relationship to her.  He will banish her children from a former life, to the island of broken toys.  He will move her from her family and friends, and he will only allow her to befriend those that he chooses in her new surroundings.

People like this exist, and I can not stand to watch it unfold yet again, for the third time.

It’s a twisted life……….


And The Winner Is……….

October 11, 2017

Today I am about to announce the winner of The Sham Artist of the Year Award.  This award goes to a company that I contracted with one year ago today.  Shame on me.

On October 10, 2016 my wife and I were leaving the house that we live in today to go back to what was our regular residence at the time back up in Yeehaa Yodel-O Land, also know as Pensacola, Florida.  We had just contracted with a lawn care service/pest control company to keep the bugs and the weeds away from our newly constructed home in The Villages, which we were not going to fully move into for about ten or eleven months yet.  This company we chose does everything the lawn needs to thrive, except mow it, so we were hoping to try to get that particular service contracted for from back up in the panhandle.

In what seemed like a serendipitous act of providence, a fellow by the name of Roy Blackburn, who represented a company named Service Smart, Inc. showed up at our door just as the gentleman from the other company drove off.  While he tried to sell us the complete lawn care package, telling us how Florida law provides for a three-day right of cancellation, and we could simply kick the other company to the curb without tendering any reason whatsoever, we insisted that we only needed lawn mowing services.  He looked around outside, measured the lawn, and gave us his quote.  We went to contract for “mowing, edging, weed eating, and blowing off, every other week” for one year.  We even let him up sell us to install donuts around our sprinkler heads so they would not be damaged by the lawnmower.

Less than an hour after he left, so did we.  We were happy with what we had accomplished, and just knew that our new home was going to keep the same curb appeal that it had on the day we bought it.

We were very disappointed on our return trips.  We would try to come down at least once a month to check on the house, do some painting, and set up whatever other services we felt we needed to contract for.  While the company that we had for pest control, and lawn maintenance, such as aerating, fertilizing, and weed control, was doing a stellar job, Service Smart, Inc., the “mow and go guys”, were not.

There was no way that they were showing up every other week.  On one of our trips down we had an appointment with a landscaping company to get an estimate on installing a more tropical-looking foliage than what the developer had put in.  His professional opinion was that it had been at least three weeks since the lawn had been mowed.  On another trip down, I discovered that an elbow on the newly installed rain gutter down spout had been hit by the lawnmower, dented, and comply ripped away.  An area of fencing that we used to keep our dogs in the yard was in tatters, torn to pieces by the weed whacker.  Then I discovered that the cover of a clean out line had been broken.

It came to pass that we would finally be able to spend a solid two-week stretch down here.  Finally, I would be able to confront the workers with all of their damage.  Since they were to show up every other week, surely I would see them.

Nope.  That didn’t happen until we moved down here about two months ago.  They showed up one day early on, and I went out to have a talk with them.  I pointed out the problems, and was straight-up looked in the eye and lied to about it.  It went from “we didn’t break dat”, to “maybe my partner did dat wiff da weed whacker, yo”.  And that was the last time I saw Shawn and Fred, the lazy ‘ner-do-wells who were not showing up every other week, and who were damaging our property.  In fact, a month went by before a new crew showed up.

Once three weeks had passed and no one showed up to cut the lawn, I called the office and complained.  It was the first time I had done that because, well, I am not a snitch.  My intent was never to get anybody in trouble, only to have them act right, which is what I told Shawn and Fred when I talked to them about the damage.  The receptionist at the office told me she was going to send a supervisor out, and made an appointment for two days later.  The next day a new crew showed up, and I refused to let them cut the grass because of my appointment with the supervisor.

Boy, did this new crew give me an ear full.  Turns out Freddie is a convicted felon who was fired for threatening a customer who he thought snitched on him.

Anyway, the supervisor showed up the next day and gave me a song and dance about how trucks had been stolen, equipment had gone missing, people quit, people got fired, all sorts of excuses for why they were doing such a terrible job.  I explained to him that was not my circus, and not my monkeys, and all I wanted out of Service Smart was to have my grass cut every other week for the remainder of the contract, which was five more weeks.  Then I intended to start cutting my own grass.

The crew showed up the next day and did a marvelous job, the best I had ever seen.  The day after that, the big boss man, and owner of the company, Kenny Smith, showed up at our front door.  He wanted to see all the damage, and made tall promises to replace the broken clean out cover, and the fencing, and to cut the elbow off the down spout and raise it up higher so that the weed whacker or the lawnmower couldn’t hurt it any more.  Then when he asked if we could renew the contract for another year with no increase in price.  I respectfully declined.  That was the last I have seen or heard from anybody connected with Service Smart, Inc.

The contract expired at midnight.  I think I will go mow my own lawn now.  It’s a twisted life……….

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