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New Direction

January 3, 2018

Miss Poppy is making some adjustments folks…………


One for the Books: A Bizarre Day

December 8, 2017

It looks as though my wife is able to the twisted in life as well. She beat me to the blog on this one. It’s a twisted life……….

Life in the Oasis

This day is one for the books.

We woke up this morning to the tiny, breathy “woofs” from our terrier. It seemed he was busy barking at something in his dreams.

Later in the morning, we stopped at Sam’s Club® for baking soda and black olives. With so little to buy, we decided to take advantage of the self-checkout. That went smoothly until this screen popped up:

We waited. And waited. A good eight minutes passed, according to my watch. Then I tried to get the attention of four clerks as they passed by the checkout lines. Each kept her eyes forward and, I guess, didn’t see me waiving and beckoning them for help.

“How ‘bout that guy, over there in the white coat?” I asked my beau.

“That’s the butcher.”

“I know. Just kidding.” I started walking to the customer service desk. I tried to stop another clerk…

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Pushing It

November 9, 2017

Here is something my wife and I noticed as we were gallivanting to and fro over the last day or two. She put it into words far better than I would be capable of. Enjoy……….

Life in the Oasis

I am just old enough to remember when Christmas decorations in the stores went up the day after Thanksgiving, which was the same day Christmas carols started playing on the radio, and families in the old neighborhood put up their outside decorations, come mild or bitter cold breezes off Lake Michigan. In fact, it was a treat to go Downtown to see what Marshall Field’s window themes were for any given year, but you couldn’t do that until after Thanksgiving.

Slowly, decorations and the not-so-subtle hinting at great store bargains began creeping up before Thanksgiving, and so much so that well, nowadays you can stick your head into any one of several ginormous arts-crafts-sewing stores, and yes, The Decorations are up and serenaded by Eartha Kitt belting out “Santa Baby.” In July. Or – gasp! – June.

My Ma told me that when she was growing up, nobody put up…

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Who Are You?

November 6, 2017

Let us get the honorable mentions out of the way, shall we?  It appears that I have gained a new follower.  A poet, philosopher type.  He resides at Success Inspirer’s Blog.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Now, let us deal with the question:  Who are you?  There are more than a few anonymous people dropping in on my musings here.  I don’t publish to social media; I have given that up.  While there are people coming from search engines, WordPress can not seem to be able to tell me what the search terms were.  This keeps me wondering.  Are you getting here from Categories?  Tags?  Stalking me?  What?

New Publication

October 19, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my wife, Susan Marie. She is far and away a much better artist than I can ever hope to be. I believe you will enjoy her work.

Life in the Oasis

The West Florida Literary Federation’s Emerald Coast Review XIX, “Life in Your Time,” is published and available through Amazon. This 19th issue is filled with stories, photographs, and poems gathered from literary talent from its members.  It’s good reading.

By the way, several of my poems and photographs are included in this publication, and the book’s cover is my submission that the West Florida Literary Federation chose to use for this edition.  I’m blushing.

You can find this publication HERE on Amazon.


©2017 Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.

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