Watching the Third Rerun

Perhaps it is becoming mundane, but I must start out with a shout out.  Sulaiman Hafeez stopped by The Twisted Life and liked what he saw.  Naturally I visited his blog, Sulaimaniac96.  The little guy is quite the wordsmith.  His images aren’t bad either.  It is definitely worth a visit.  Do it here.

After a short, extremely short, return to Fakebook, I deactivated the account again.  It was the same old song and dance.  There were the same old memes, shared by the same old mindless dolts that can not seem to conjure up an original thought.  There were the same old haters from both sides, spewing the same old party line rhetoric, because they, too, do not seem capable of original thought.  But the most disturbing, and the hardest one to keep my nose out of, was the budding romance between a serial hostage taker and his current unsuspecting victim.

I’m sure you all know the kind.  They are the guys that love to isolate the objects of their desire.  They start new Fakebook accounts, befriend all of their new paramour’s girlfriends, and show themselves in such a manner as to get a lot of “he’s a keeper” accolades from the onlookers.  The object of his desire feels loved with a love that she thought was only available in fairytales and dreams.  She tells her friends, and her friends swoon.  Little do they know that they are aiding and abetting the perpetrator of a fraud.

Once he captures his prey, the lothario will isolate her from the self same friends who helped to cement his relationship to her.  He will banish her children from a former life, to the island of broken toys.  He will move her from her family and friends, and he will only allow her to befriend those that he chooses in her new surroundings.

People like this exist, and I can not stand to watch it unfold yet again, for the third time.

It’s a twisted life……….


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2 Responses to “Watching the Third Rerun”

  1. Susan Marie Molloy Says:

    Hear! Hear!

    I dumped (deleted) my Fakebook back in February 2017. Didn’t miss it. And evidently no one there missed me. Out of macabre curiosity, I returned in late October, and you know what? In the exactly five weeks I had an account, I rarely logged in to it; I was involved in my own real life, with real live people, too. Shocking! Now, for the couple two three times I did log on, it was the same ol’, same ol’: people craving acceptance and attention, pent up anger and phony fairy tale lives, and especially all those pretty pictures with ignorant messages that people in general repost. Do they really believe the meme? Who knows? The posters don’t probably even know themselves because they recycle someone else’s words they either don’t read carefully in the first place, or really don’t comprehend. You can tell; it’s obvious.

    Since I quit Fakebook, my communication skills returned exponentially. I’m calm again, and I don’t feel like a dirty voyeur seeing others’ very personal “updates,” the braggadocios, the Lothario’s disgusting abuse, photos of dying (or already dead) relatives (!), finger gestures, vulgar language—— What a wasteland.

    You wrote an evocative blog, and I enjoyed it.

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  2. Chili con Carne, Life in the Oasis, and Writing | Susan Marie Molloy Says:

    […] As we were eating, I was thinking about when I started blogging, which was about 6 years ago. How it started was when my beau suggested it. His own blogging began when he retired from his long public service career and became a real estate broker, which led to him moving into the property management business, which, after that flamed out (rather, he burned out), led him to writing about beading art and wire work. Now, his occasional blog explores and comments upon the twisted side of life in It’s a Twisted Life According to Gene. […]


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