Enter The Clown Car

Let me start by directing you to the new guys.  It seems I am greeting every new day and find that one or two new people have found me.

Today there was Antonio from New York.  He does videos.  You might like them.  His blog is called The Struggle.  You can find it here.

Then there is my new follower David.  He seems to be an all around guy in that he has his blog going, and he operates an online radio station.  He readily identifies himself as Autistic, and if that is a seriously debilitating condition, it sure does not seem to show on him.  He has some very cool 60’s style sideburns, too.  Check him out right here.

Now about that clown car……………

I am sure you have all seen the little car bit, where a bunch of clowns keep streaming out of a real small car.  It is amazing because you never even knew there were that many clowns in the circus, right?  Well that, my friends, is very similar to some of the postings on my neighborhood message board, The Pine Hills Social Club.

Every single day there are tons of things going on in The Villages.  It is pretty much like a playground for adult children retirees.  Everybody goes zooming around hither and yon on golf carts.  That is right, golf carts.  You can go to the stores in them, you can go to the movie theaters in them, you can take your dog to the dog park in them, you can go to the doctor’s office in them, I have even heard rumors about a couple who got caught having sex in one in the church parking lot.

There are clubs, too.  There are clubs for people who came from the same state, clubs for people who went to the same school, clubs for people of the same ethnic heritage, clubs for democrats, clubs for republicans, clubs for philosophers, clubs for clowns, magicians, musicians, bicyclists, bikers, classic car owners, clubs for everything under the sun.  If there is not a club for whatever you are interested in or passionate about, you are more than welcome to start one.

Entertainments abounds.  Like any other city of substantial size, The Villages has theater groups, dance troops, and its own symphony orchestra.  Every night on the town squares there is free entertainment which is composed of some form of music, dancing, and two for one happy hours that feature a different special drink each night.  This goes on three hundred and sixty-five days a year, except when there is a hurricane blowing through. This is not to mention the guys on the geezer tour who stop by.  Why just the other night Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels hit town.  Tommy James and the Shondells are coming up soon, as is Kansas.  Another old geezer, Willie Nelson, is due up in a couple of days, but he seems a little more relevent to todays country music scene, than the others do to the current rock scene.

So with all of this going on around and about the town, for some reason I cannot even begin to phantom, some of the denizens of The Pine Hills Social Club discussion board seem to be in a constant state of going around, and around, and around, and around, trying to set something up “in the neighborhood” that already exists, and is well organized, and provided for in the many recreation centers around and about The Villages itself.

I find the clown car quite entertaining at times.




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