More Will Be Revealed

And so, there seems to be a couple of people actually reading my writing.  I am honored that someone would take the time.

millennial named Bailey, who lives in Nashville, actually started following me.  You can check his stuff out here.  He is taking on some interesting 30-day immersions into various millennial-type endeavours.

Then there is Juhi, a young lady from India.  She seems to be quite positive in her assessment of life, and how one might better live it.  If you are in need of some positive reinforcement, may I suggest you seek her out here.

As if that were not enough, there is what seems to be a group effort by a few folks who are strong advocates of outdoor activity.  Bully for them, I say.  Fresh air never hurt anyone.  They call their blog The Dihedral, and you can find that one here.

Finally, I would be sadly remiss if I did not give a shout out to my most fervent follower, my lovely wife, Susan.  She is a fine writer, a published author, and my much-needed proofreader and editor.  If you would like to treat yourself, you can purchase her books on Amazon, or you can go here and get a good feel for her writing for free.

Ah well, I did not come here today to brag about the few people I already have reading my stuff.  It surprised me that they were out there so soon, and I just had to spout off about it.  What I did come here for today was to flesh out the introduction a little more. I live in a place called The Villages, Florida.  It is touted as being “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown”.  Is it?  Well hang in there with me boys and girls, and we shall see.




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