Good God Almighty, It’s Him Again

What the hell, times change, circumstances change, people change, and the way I approach this old blog has just changed, too.  I have wiped it clean, and I am about to run it head long into a new direction.

I am no longer content to be a passive observer.  I have just got to talk about it.  I have to get it off my chest.  I have to shout it out.  I have to go tell it on the mountain.  I have to quote the ridiculous, the sublime, the wise man, and the fool.  I am even going to have to whack an occasional idiot right between the eyes with the two-by-four of truth.

Each and every day I witness life in a myriad of different ways.  Sometimes it is what I see and hear as I cavort to and fro around the spaces I find myself in.  Sometimes it is what I read.  Other times it is simply the voices in my head.  Rest assured there is always something to write about because there is always enough twisted life fodder crossing my path on a daily basis.



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