I’ll Never Buy Another Jump Ring


As a jewelry artist who loves to boast about my “handcrafted” pieces, I want to put as many of my own hand made parts into my work as possible. While there are times I need to rely upon store bought “commercial” parts, I find that with a little time and effort I can keep that to a pretty good minimum.

I have not purchased a commercial ear wire in ages. Ear posts are another story. While I have perfected one type of handcrafted ear post, it doesn’t exactly fit into the style of every single project I create. It would also probably prove to be pretty boring if I tried to make it so.

There are several different handcrafted head pins that I make, but they are all too large for smaller creations that use smaller beads, thus I do need to purchase commercial head pins every now and then. Learning to use a torch to melt and shape wire is on my to do list, but even that wouldn’t always work out because I would then need to use wire made from pure precious metals. If I did that my price point would spike upward, and that would affect the purchasing ability of some of my most loyal fans, and I appreciate my fans too much to do that to them.

Jump rings are another story. By coiling wire I have all the jump rings at my disposal that I will ever need. All I have to is clip a ring off the coil as needed. I can make jump rings in any gauge wire, any finish, any color, and any size. I am sure that I have more different sizes of jump rings than your average arts and crafts store keeps on their shelves, and I like to feel that using the proper size jump ring puts my pieces into a better perspective than if I had to use a ring .5mm too large or too small.

If you want to see my work simply click the link and off to Gene’s Joint you go.

If you like more colorful work, check out my wife’s work in Miss Poppy’s Boutique.


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2 Responses to “I’ll Never Buy Another Jump Ring”

  1. Susan Marie Molloy Says:

    I like the quality control one has when making one’s own findings. I can’t tell you how many times I threw away defective pieces I bought at big box stores.

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