Hey Dude……


I will be the first to admit it, the majority of jewelry artists out there seem to be women. Most of the Etsy shops are owned and operated by women. Take a jewelry class at any craft store and you will find yourself surrounded by women. There just doesn’t seem to be many of us men crafting jewelry.

I haven’t done any scientific studies on the matter, but I would venture to say that when you get around those Hallmark holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day, and when there are gifts to be given for Birthdays and Christmas, men are probably the biggest consumers of jewelry. What man out there hasn’t given one female or another in his life some nice bling? Husbands buying for wives, children buying for their mother, and boyfriends buying for girlfriends, it goes on and on.

Where do these guys shop? Judging by the sales I get in my shop, Gene’s Joint, they don’t shop on Etsy that’s clear. Even my wife’s shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, which does a far greater sales volume than mine, has never logged a sale to a male. This is a shame too, because Etsy seems to me to be one of the only really affordable places that one can go to find truly one of a kind pieces of jewelry, like my “Infinitely Cracked” earring creation pictured above.

So do yourself a favor men, check out Etsy, then spread the word. Bloggers should reblog this important information. People who find this via other social networking media should share it as well. Believe me Dudes, she’s going to appreciate that one of a kind creation a whole lot more than that mass production piece you over paid for at the chain store jeweler in the mall.


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