The Spade, These Aren’t For You Creampuff


There they sit in my Etsy shop, Gene’s Joint, when I go to the item statistics I notice that no one is even looking at them. Even the insomniacs who look at any, and everything, in the middle of their miserable sleepless nights must be passing them up.


I have racked my brain trying to figure why these are the only items in my shop that don’t get looked at. Is the thumbnail shot that bad? Are they so abhorrent that even the sleepless hate them? Or could it be that the adventuresome, free-spirited, boho that I had in mind when I created them just hasn’t found me yet?


If anyone were to take the time to click on the thumbnail to get to the item description they would see that these were created intentionally crude and shabby. Not all of my creations are geared toward the general public at large. Some of them are made for the kindred spirits out there, whom I know are able to relate to the crudeness, the shabbiness, and the discordant notes that swirl around the symphony of life. I just didn’t realize that it would take forever for them to discover me.


There are plenty of creations in Gene’s Joint, and most of them are not so crude. Do yourself a favor and take a look. If you have been there before, revisit, there are new creations going into the shop almost daily. If you don’t like what I’m selling, visit Miss Poppy’s Boutique, my wife’s shop. Her creations are usually very different from mine.


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One Response to “The Spade, These Aren’t For You Creampuff”

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