The Handcrafted Finding

IMG_2265What in the name of Nebechenezer are those things? They look like little space ships, or phallic symbols maybe. Whatever they are they look pretty odd, don’t they?

That’s because they are only a part of what will eventually become a complete, and recognizable piece of jewelry. They are what jewelry artists know as findings.

I make most of the findings that go into my jewelry creations. They give my pieces a rather unique look that differentiates them from the pieces that are assembled from the mass-produced findings that are available in the arts and crafts outlets, and the online bead shops.

Sure, I occasionally use commercially available findings in my work. There are just some things a wire twister like myself couldn’t come close to creating. Take filigree items like clasps, and earring drops for instance. At this point in time I haven’t a clue as to how I would be able to handcraft such items. Perhaps I will stumble upon a technique that accomplishes this some day. That’s one of my goals to be sure.

Anyway, being able to make what you need as you go is golden. Imagine if you will, coming down to the end of a project and discovering that you are a few jump rings short of completion. If you can’t make your own jump rings you have to drop what you are doing and either run out to the craft store for instant gratification, or make an online purchase and put your entire project on the shelf until your shipment arrives.

Having the ability to handcraft my findings opens up some really swell avenues to me, too. I can use a heavier gauge wire for added strength if I wish. I can use any color jewelry wire that’s available to either  color coordinate the findings to whatever beads or focal pieces I wish to use, or add a different color to the piece.

It also saves me ton of money. I can make probably twice as many pieces for the same cost as buying a package of something.

While my main focus is jewelry creation, I do sell handcrafted findings in my shop, Gene’s Joint . Why not stop by and take a look around? You might just find that unique, handcrafted piece that you fall in love with. While you’re at it, check out my wife’s shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique. She has a sale going on.


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2 Responses to “The Handcrafted Finding”

  1. Miss Poppy's Boutique Says:

    I like handcrafted findings because you can design anything your heart desires. They have that unique look, too. I have used some of your fabulous handcrafted findings to great success. I highly recommend them to the jewelry artist.

    Also, thank you for the plus to my blog and shop! 😉

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  2. Miss Poppy's Boutique Says:

    Reblogged this on Miss Poppy's Boutique.

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