The Coal Shovels


There is a first time for everything, and “The Coal Shovel” earrings are the first pair of earrings that I offered in my shop that did not use any commercial elements. Except for the beads that is.

I used a smaller diamond-shaped ear wire on this piece. I  originally made these ear wire in two sizes because I wanted to be able to create sets for people with multiple piercings. It helps in following the ear line without each earring getting tangled into the other.

The commercial chain that I had used in the past to connect the ear wire to the yoke has been replaced with a handcrafted “shovel handle” connector.  If you follow this blog, you have seen the yoke before. It was written about in the post “Loopy”.

Using my handcrafted knotted head pins to wrap the beads to the yoke means that each and every wire element in this piece was made by hand.

The beauty of handcrafting the wire elements in my pieces is that I can make them in different kinds of wire if I choose, or if I get a custom order for something. Not only are there the precious metals like gold and silver, but there exists a rainbow of colored wire. Since I am committed to black beads, and black beads only, changing up the wire elements is about the only way I’m going to get some color into my work.

I realize that my monochrome work is not for everybody, and so I encourage those who need more color in their lives to visit Susan’s shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique. I swear she has some vivid colors that I could never imagine even exist. Seeing was believing.


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3 Responses to “The Coal Shovels”

  1. Miss Poppy's Boutique Says:

    These earrings have a great, natural look to them. Black goes with everything, and this style is classic.

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  2. Miss Poppy's Boutique Says:

    Reblogged this on Miss Poppy's Boutique and commented:
    Take a look. These are classic earrings that you, or someone you know, would just love to have.

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