About Chiclets Nightmare


Here’s a shot of my creation “Chiclets Nightmare”. Why in the world would I put such a name on these beautiful earrings? Well, it just fits my theme, that’s why.

I only use black beads in my work. That’s something I decided right from the start. Everybody else is trying to razzle dazzle  their customers, fans, followers, whatever they call them, with a wide array of colorful splash. That’s a legitimate endeavor to be sure, but I am not everybody else, and I wanted to give my people a little something different. I use rather dark names for my creations in accordance with my monochrome creations.

I had these square beads that reminded me of Chiclets, you know, the little square gum that comes in a box. I decided to use them in the creation of a nice, classy, chandelier style pair of earrings. Sometimes I create “classy” looking things with a rather crude looking twist, and that’s what I decided to do here.

When you are handcrafting the majority of the elements that go into a piece of work, no two pieces come out with the precision of machine-made, mass-produced, elements. This is what I feel make them unique. When the mood strikes me, I take it step further by crudely playing with the imperfections. At first blush, these look relatively good, but upon closer inspection you can notice that the wire wrapping isn’t “perfect”.  That’s by design.

It’s not that I can’t do better. I certainly can. Just look at some of my other work in my Gene’s Joint Etsy Shop. Crude just works for me when I’m in that mood.


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