Cracked, Twisted, and Tied Up in Knots


Here is an example of what I was writing about in my last post, “Loopy.”

The only store-bought, commercial elements in this pair of earrings are the 1 inch pieces of chain, and the cracked glass beads. Everything else was handcrafted prior to assembly.

You have already seen the handcrafted diamond-shaped ear wires in an earlier post, only these are a smaller 1 inch version. That’s the beauty of handcrafting. I can make these in any size that I, or a customer, should choose. I like to use this technique when I am crafting a custom set for someone with multiple piercings. The larger wires are used for the main holes, and the smaller wires are used for any number of secondary piercings.

If you follow my blog you have also seen the 5 loop yokes in “Loopy.” They look much different when they are crafted into a piece, don’t you think? The beauty of handcrafting these is that I can make them with any number of loops I desire, as long as it’s an odd number. Five just seems to be the proper amount for most projects. There are some exceptions, but you will have to keep coming back to find out about those.

The final handcrafted elements are the knotted head pins that hold the crackled glass beads to the yoke. These are much more desirable to me than commercial head pins. Not that I don’t have to use commercial pieces sometimes. If what I want to attach to my work is so small that the knotted bottoms seem bigger than the bead, then I have to go commercial. I also make a few different kinds of head pins so as not to repeat too much of a good thing, too often.

There are many more examples that can be found in my Etsy Shop, Gene’s Joint. I invite you to stop by and give it the once over. If you see anything you like, it can be in your hands by Halloween.


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