This Is How I Work

Swarovski Abuse  Most of what you will see in my Etsy Shop, Gene’s Joint, is hand-made, with the exception of the beads. While I will occasionally use commercial findings, chain, and vintage parts, that is very rare.

I work in wire, black beads, and leather. Should you care to have anything you see in the shop come to life in any other color, I work closely with Susan, the owner of Miss Poppy’s Boutique on Etsy. She can be reached at . You can contact her and I am sure she will be glad to recreate any of my creations using my handcrafted findings,    and whatever color rocks your world.

I also sell any, and all of the handcrafted parts that make up my creations. If you can’t find them in my shop, or they are not packaged in a quantity that meets your needs, simply contact me and tell me what you need. We can work it out.

 The name of the creation pictured here is “Swarovski Abuse”. Since every creation is one of a kind, it’s easier to keep track of them by name. I try to keep it campy, coinciding with the fact that I work in black. I also offer a certificate of authenticity that passes “title’ of the creation on to the new owner, and it just makes sense to have a name to pass along.

These chandelier earrings are a whopping 3-1/2 inches long. That’s because I started them off with my handcrafted, diamond-shaped, 1-7/16ths inch ear wire. I make a smaller version of these, but for this project I wanted to go big. They definitely hold the chandeliers out away from the face, framing the jaw line beautifully.

There are three elements to these earrings that are not handcrafted. One of them is the 1 inch pieces of chain I used for the drop.  Another is the head pins. While I do handcraft both elements, my drops were too short, and my head pins were too big, for this particular creation. The third commercial component, of course, is the beads.

The beads, 4mm Swarovski bicones, and 8mm round, faceted, Czech glass, are wrapped to my handcrafted, five loop yokes. These yokes are one of the most versatile components I make. I love twisting wire, and I can make loops for miles when I’m in the mood


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    Here’s a fabulous craftsman who does beautiful jewelry. Take a look:


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