Well, It’s Been Over A Year

Lo and behold folks, the fourth incarnation of “It’s A Twisted Life.”

Let’s face it; the blog has been struggling. Back when it all began, I was a Realtor, and the blog was called “Gene Molloy, Realtor”, or something similar. There may still be a few past clients who might be shocked to get this. Then I transitioned into property management. The blog transitioned, and morphed into “Gene Molloy, Property Manager”. I suspect that this showing up may surprise a few people from those days as well. Should this reach anyone who I’ve alienated along the way, please just unsubscribe and move on. Hating isn’t going to do anyone any good.

Finally the blog became “It’s A Twisted Life According To Gene”. I had quit my job, and my entire life as I knew it back then. Everything was changing: people, places, and things. The blog had no direction. It floundered around aimlessly, and was only interesting to me if I had something, or someone, to rant about. That was a total waste, and I had zero interest left in howling at the moon. Between my wife, the dogs, and my guitars, there was always something better to do than open WordPress. There was no reason on Earth to promote myself anymore, and when I wasn’t doing that, the blog was just so much psychobabble.

Well, the paradigm has shifted once again. The blog gets to remain “It’s A Twisted Life According To Gene” because Gene is now twisting wire. The story of how that came to pass will be in another post, but I need to promote the fact that I’m twisting wire. You see, my wife, Susan, and I have begun handcrafting jewelry. We sell it through our respective Etsy Shops. Susan owns Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and I own Gene’s Joint. Check them out.

If you have any interest whatsoever, please check back to find out; “How It All Began”.


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4 Responses to “Well, It’s Been Over A Year”

  1. Miss Poppy's Boutique Says:

    Very happy to see you back here again. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan Marie Molloy Says:

    Hi again. Glad I’m back using my author blog. 😜🌀


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